How Auctions Work

The following information will help you prepare for your day at a Weeks Auction and get you on your way to buying, or selling like a pro both online and in person!

General Hours & Location

Weeks Auction in Ocala opens at 8AM every Monday through Friday and 7:30AM on auction day.

The auction grounds are located just West of I75 on the North side of Highway 40 (get directions here). We are open to anyone during business hours who would like to browse equipment or discuss selling an item.

Handicap Accessibility

There is no pavement at the Weeks Auction Grounds.  We recommend mobility devices have large tires and be suitable for rough terrain. Avoid thin-wheeled wheelchairs. If you are concerned about mobility, please call our office or speak to a Weeks representative when you arrive.

Get Here Early

On auction day, we recommend arriving early to get a good parking spot, get yourself or your business registered, grab yourself a cup of coffee and breakfast at the concession stand and still have plenty of time to inspect the items up for auction that day.

Buyer Registration

Registration is completely free for both individuals and businesses. To register, individuals will need a valid driver's license, businesses will need both the representative's driver's license and a sales tax certificate, (tax ID number) for the business. If you are a motor vehicle dealer please bring your Motor Vehicle Dealer's License as well.

You will only have to register with Weeks once and you will be assigned your permanent buyer number card. Your buyer number card is a small laminated card you can keep in your wallet. This card and your ID will be all you need to be eligible to buy at Weeks Auctions.

Weeks auctioneers reserve the right to reject the bid of anyone who is not a registered bidder.

Item Inspections

You are free to roam the auction grounds and inspect equipment any time during normal business hours. Staff is available to direct you in your inspection process.

Warranty - As Is Where Is

All information provided about an item is true and correct to the best of our knowledge but is in no way a guarantee to the accuracy of condition of the item. Each item will be sold as-is, where-is, without warranty as to usefulness or merchantability.

All items are sold in the condition they are found and items will not be repaired, moved, cleaned, hauled, loaded or in any way changed or moved from the location or condition they were in when you inspected them.

All Municipalities reserve the right to remove any piece from auction, and set minimum pricing on their items.

All sales are final.

Opening Announcements

Just before our auction begins, (auctions begin at 9AM sharp), opening announcements are made outlining where the auctioneers are going to be, any special items, upcoming auctions, the "As Is, Where Is" policy, terms and conditions, payment options, when you are required to pay for your items, and a review of Weeks Auction procedures.

Auctions Begin at 9AM

Weeks typically operates two auction "trucks" on auction day in Ocala.  Our auction trucks are mobile auctioneer platforms containing everything needed for our auctioneers to operate a professional auction virtually anywhere in the US.

Typically, after morning announcements, Weeks will first run through the smaller "garage sale" items and then split up into two simultaneous auctions at approx 9:30.

Auction items sales order is subject to change and varies depending on what type of items we are selling so, stop by our Ocala yard or call a day or two before a monthly auction for more information on the schedule and items available.

The Bidding Process

Once the auctioneer begins announcing price levels for a particular item, bidders communicate their desire to bid on that item at price points they are comfortable with to the clerks located around each auction truck.  Once a clerk or the auctioneer has identified a bidder at  a certain price point, they will move up to the next price increment and look for another bidder willing to pay that price. If you are outbid you will then have the opportunity to bid at the next price increment and so on until no bidders are willing to go to a higher price.

Once a bidder has been awarded an item, that bidder will show their Buyer's Number Card to the clerk and the clerk will log the item number, amount of the sale, and the winning buyer number on a two part ticket.  Tickets are sent to the office via a runner and logged into a computer periodically during the auction.

Paying for Items

Payment is due at the conclusion of the auction.

Weeks accepts cash or cashier's check. All wire transfers, personal and company checks must have a bank letter of reference, unless prior arrangements have been made. All checks must be made payable to Weeks Auction Co., LLC. No bank drafts will be accepted.

A 10% Buyer's Premium will be charged on each item and will be capped at $1,000.00 per item unless specifically stated in Ocala, at our monthly auctions. Outside auctions or auctions held elsewhere, other than Ocala, will be subject to change. Please see the terms and conditions for those auctions individually.

All purchases are subject to Florida sales tax unless you have a sales tax exemption. A sales tax certificate must be executed on sale day; Failure to provide a certificate will require the payment of sales tax on all purchases.

Picking Up Your Items

Once you have paid for your item it is now yours. You will receive a stamped ticket and you will be given instructions on how to proceed loading your item.

Weeks is open on the Saturday after each month's auction until noon for item pickup. Special arrangements can be made for pickup during the following week.

Titled Vehicle Purchases

If you are the winner of a titled vehicle you are required to perform all titlework at Weeks Auction Offices and pay all relevant sales tax and fees unless you are a licensed motor vehicle dealer.

Item Hauling & Delivery

We will happily load your item(s) at no charge, but we will not haul, repair, or deliver.

If you require hauling services, Weeks can connect you with a hauling specialist.  Please inquire with Weeks staff on auction day or call ahead if you are planning on purchasing an item you cannot haul.

Online Auctions

Weeks has partnered with Proxibid to allow bidding on items at our live auctions online.

For more information about bidding online with Proxibid, please review their online documentation here: